Highly effective and affordable online services

Online Consulting

Online Consulting

highly effective and affordable online consulting services

BCI Academy offers highly effective and affordable online consulting; a great alternative for developing new or improved systems. If you wish to standardize and improve your business systems with less cost, and a more flexible approach, our online service is perfect for your company. This virtual consulting service is applicable to all management system standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949 and is meant to assist your organization to develop and / or improve those management systems.

Online Consulting

Our online consulting, led by one of our experienced professionals, develops a step-by-step program that gives you detailed assistance, training/mentoring, and required documentation.

An agreed-upon detailed project plan guides the implementation progress. BCI Academy utilizes the latest collaborative tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Duo, or other means your company is comfortable with; to support you from start to finish until you meet your goals. e.g. ISO 9001 certified or other management system needs or related goals.

The main benefits of our online consulting are:

Time and cost savings, no travel, highly flexible timing.

As many employees as desired can get involved, as needed, and on their schedules.

Video conferenced meetings can be played anytime to other staff as information.

The development of procedures and processes is more collaborative with online documents; e.g. these can be reviewed and edited via online sharing platforms.

Online communications can sharpen the work and collaboration skills needed in today’s world.

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Outline of our online consulting:

What follows is only an example of our consulting services. However this will be fine-tuned to your organization’s specifics, customs, needs, and goals.

Develop and agree on an implementation plan and timelines.
Gap analysis to understand your activities, processes and workflow versus changes you want to happen.
Training the assigned team(s) and related staff.
Develop and/or modify existing processes, related documentation, and traditional company practices to meet or work towards desired improvements/goals.
Coach identified process owners towards the new systems and practices needed; gain consensus.
Develop the internal auditing skills and judgment.

Provide post-registration advice in addressing any shortfalls identified during the formal 3d party registration audits.

Assistance and support after certification as desired or for the follow up registrar’s surveillance audit.
If you have questions regarding online ISO consulting services, please contact us at clients@bci-academy.com or call 1-844-224-2378.

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BCI Academy

BCI Academy is a leading North American provider of consulting, training and auditing services to the organizations seeking ISO certification in Canada to standards such as ISO 9001- Quality Management System, ISO 14001- Environmental Management System, ISO 45001- Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), IATF 16949-Automotive Sector Quality Management System, or AS 9100 -Quality System, Aerospace.

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